Why should brands choose to work with us?

There are loads of reasons to join the South East Bloggers’ network!
Gain more
Engage with
purchasing power
Improve your

Why should bloggers choose to work with us?

There are loads of reasons to join the South East Bloggers’ network!
Increased following
and readership
Engagement with businesses and brands
that want to work with bloggers
Meet fellow bloggers
Invitations to attend
exciting and exclusive events

Upcoming events

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How we work

We follow a 3-step blogger programme to help our brands and our bloggers generate as much exposure as possible from their next online project.

Connect with us

If you’re a business, we’ll introduce you to a specialist blogger network. Our writers will have a clear passion for your products or services.

If you’re a blogger, we’ll link you with interesting companies or individuals who are eager to get seen.

Join forces

Next, it’s time for both of you to work together to produce highly tailored content that will cut through the noise and engage with potential customers.

The more creative your ideas, the better! And remember – we’re on hand to offer some inspiration.

Get noticed

Steer buyer behaviour and access a larger audience by publishing content with the support of some of the UK’s biggest social networking influencers. The team here at the South East Bloggers Club are on hand to help you get the most from your blogging project.

Are you a blogger?

Do you run a blog? Are you looking to work with local and national businesses?

The South East Bloggers Club works with established bloggers from across Essex and its neighbouring counties. It’s our job to link you up with forward-thinking digital pioneers that are offering new and exciting blogging opportunities.

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Are you a brand?

Speak to a larger audience and influence buyer behaviour by joining our blogger programme.

You’ll enjoy increased reach, heightened social media interaction and a whole host of important optimisation benefits when you work closely with talented bloggers who are passionate about making an impact online.

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