Thinking of launching your own blog? Before you take the plunge, take a look at these 10 handy tips for brand new bloggers from our resident PR experts, Voice Communications.


Before you’ve started the blog…


Choose your niche wisely.

All of the best bloggers have two things in common:

  • They have something unique to offer the world
  • They know their market

Ask yourself these questions before you choose your niche:

  • Where does your knowledge and expertise lie?
  • What solutions can you offer to your audience?
  • What are you REALLY passionate about?

Once you’ve found your answers, you’ll have a clearer idea of what’s going to set you apart from the millions of other bloggers out there on the web.

Work on your personal brand first.

The personalities behind our favourite blogs are what keep us coming back for more. To make a splash in the blogger community, you’ll need to establish yourself amongst your fellow writers.

Get active on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and introduce yourself to the world, before you send out your first post. There are plenty of communities that will support you in the early stages of your blogging career – for example, our South East Bloggers Club Twitter account is a great place to meet other like-minded bloggers (and get some free advice) before you launch. Spend time making great connections now and you’ll garner more interest in your blog once it’s up and running.

Listen to your audience before you start talking to them.

As you’re interacting online, get a feel for the kinds of topics that interest your audience. Read comments on other people’s blogs, and see which posts get the most shares/likes on each platform. Become your audience before you try to lead them!

Sort out the technical side of things.

Don’t set up your hosting in a hurry. Don’t choose a wishy-washy domain name that you’re not 100% in love with. Once you choose assets like these, you’re usually stuck with them for at least a year or two (and – sadly – you’ll need to pay for them). So, take your time to research the best options available to you and don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from those who have done it all before.

Create a platform that looks amazing.

First thing’s first, you really don’t need to spend thousands on a bespoke site with all the bells and whistles. A premium WordPress theme should do the job for now.

You do, however, need to make sure that your blog follows a simple, readable format, and that it’s packed full of high quality images that will bring your stories to life.

Set a live date.

Have a realistic launch day in mind for your blog, and do your very best to stick to it!


After launch…


Stay social!

Wallflowers rarely become super-popular bloggers. Share post links to your main social accounts to keep the conversation going.

Work on building your email list.

What you really want are regular subscribers to your blog. These guys are your fans and followers; the people who want to hear more from you. Make it easy for readers to subscribe to your mailing list and you’ll see your engagement shoot through the roof.

Write authentically.

There’s no-one else quite like you out there on the web – so be you. The easiest way to write authentically is to write how you speak. Your posts will be far more engaging if you have your own unique tone of voice.

And lastly… don’t write for the sake of it!

Your readers will be able to tell straightaway if you’re trying to beef up a half-baked idea, or if your heart’s not in your latest post. Our best advice is this: only write when you’ve got something meaningful to say.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, what advice would you give to those who are new to the community? We’d love to hear your top tips!