Continuing with our series of member spotlights, we caught up with the lovely Kate of Counting to Ten, a successful mummy blogger who’s been making waves in the blogging community for a number of years now.

Meet Kate!

I’m Kate, a mum of 2 girls with a new baby on the way and I live in Loughton, Essex. I started blogging back in January 2011 and my current blog Counting To Ten has been active for nearly 3 years.

I started blogging because one of my friends had a blog and it seemed like fun, but over the years it has become a way for me to express myself, support others, and make friends – and it brings in an income too. I love writing and photography, so blogging is the perfect job for me.

I write a family and parenting blog, which means I pretty much write about anything going on in our lives as well as home products, beauty, toys and days out. People often say you need to have a narrow niche to do well and standout, but I like to think my blog is a reflection of my personality. Like everyone else I have a variety of interests and while my children are the centre of my world it doesn’t mean I just want to write about them. It’s really important for my blog to reflect me and real life, so I talk about mental health and the challenges of parenthood as well as all the good times we have together.

There are so many blogs now compared to when I first started so it is becoming increasingly hard to grow and make an income, but my blog and social media is gradually receiving more recognition which I’m pretty excited about. I have also started to write for a couple of other websites on a regular basis.

I plan to continue to work part time on my blog for the next couple of years while my children are small before growing my work in social media management and strategy development with local businesses. I love how I can use my skills to help small local businesses grow and make an impact digitally.

For me, my blog and social media is about connecting with parents, helping them feel they are normal, reassuring them that they are doing a good job and helping them find easier ways to do things. The way the world is going, every business needs an online presence and as a blogger I can communicate with my audience in the way a brand might struggle to helping them find new services, products and ideas.

I first became aware of the South East Bloggers Club on Instagram when I found the pictures of one of the blogger meet ups. It looked like lots of fun and a great way to meet local bloggers and businesses. I went to my first event earlier this year and had a fantastic time.