Continuing in our quest to introduce you to some of the hottest bloggers in Essex and the South East, we recently caught up with Marianne, a fashion, design and lifestyle blogger who writes under the guise of Haute and Comely.

Meet Marianne!

“I’ve been blogging for six years. I actually chanced upon blogging at a point in my life when I was looking for some fulfilment. Something to do that I love, that will also help me find my mojo back. My blog became my piece of heaven where I could amalgamate my love for writing and appreciation of beauty in life, be it superficially or mentally.

“There are so many benefits to blogging, but the main one is that I get the opportunity to share my views and what I love with the world. I also get the chance to work with other creatives to promote their brands.

“In terms of what kinds of topics I like to cover on my blog, I am an ardent creative with a penchant for an organised life. I love to express my creativity in writing about fashion, interior design and lifestyle.

“My dream is to grow my brand to the extent that I am able to work with well-known brands and to reach more people.

“I love the idea of networking with likeminded and creative people who are also on their own life journeys, and that’s what attracted me to joining the South East Bloggers’ Club.”